22 August 2023 - Tuesday


Opening Speeches

Canan Aykut Bingöl - Rector of Yeditepe University
Hakan Emmez
- President of the Turkish Neurosurgical Society

Toshio Matsushima - President of the International Rhoton Society
Uğur Türe - President of the 3rd International Rhoton Society Meeting

19:00-21:30Welcome Cocktail

23 August 2023 - Wednesday

Moderators: William T. Couldwell, Guilherme Ribas, Murad Bavbek
08:15-08:30Shigeaki KobayashiHistory of neurosurgical anatomy research
08:30-08:45Toshio MatsushimaEvolution of CMF opening: Its effects on posterior fossa surgeries from the fourth ventricle to the brain stem.
08:45-09:00Wen Hung TzuAnatomic - angiographic -surgical correlation of the MCA aneurysms and its influence on surgical strategy
09:00-09:15Jacques MorcosThe intricate interplay of anatomy and pathology in the cavernous sinus: Implications for surgical approaches and philosophy
09:15-09:30Fady T. CharbelWhat does it take to be a microneurosurgeon?
09:30-09:45Michael LawtonTaxonomy in the management of cerebral cavernous malformations
09:45-10:00Ali KrishtThe anatomic basis of advanced cavernous sinus surgery
10:00-10:15Ossama Al-MeftyThe little big thing
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
Moderators: Jacques Morcos, Manuel Cunha e Sa, Şükrü ÇağlarModerators: Hiroshi Abe, Yoshihiro Natori, Akın Akakın
11:00-11:10Mustafa BaskayaTranslab versus retrosigmoid approach for acoustic neuromas: Which one is the best?Feres Chaddad-NettoApplication of microneurosurgical anatomy to surgery of deep AVMs
11:10-11:20Jeffrey SorensonDemystifying the jugular foramenKatsumi SakataMicrosurgical anatomy for transjugular approach
11:20-11:30Juan Fernandez-MirandaProf. Rhoton and the Cavernous Sinus: Evolution and Revolution of Surgical Anatomy Jorge MuraExtradural minipretemporal MIPLATTA approach for sphenopetroclival meningiomas.
11:30-11:40Carolina MartinsMicrosurgical anatomy of the vertebral arteryGiancarlo PerraHistory of aneurysm surgery
11:40-11:50Atul GoelMaking atlantoaxial fixation safer - anatomical subtletiesJunichi YamamotoCombined direct and indirect bypass for adult moyamoya disease. Importance of the meningeal arteries
11:50-12:00Uğur TürePreserving the cerebellar hemispheric tentorial bridging veins through a novel tentorial cut technique for supracerebellar approachesKatsumi TakizawaAnterior clinoidectomy - no drill technique and clinical application for aneurysm surgery
12:00-12:10William T. CouldwellHearing preservation in surgery for Vestibular SchwannomaEmel AvcıCranio-orbitozygomatic approach: technique, modifications and applications
12:30-13:30Lunch Break

Hakan Emmez

Moderators: Wen Hung Tzu, Rokuya Tanikawa, Savaş CeylanModerators: Atul Goel, Takashi Sugawara, Barış Küçükyürük
13:30-13:40Samy YousefVestibular Schwannomas: Functional Preservation StrategiesOndrej ChoutkaAnatomy, vascular and skull base neurosurgery tools are perfect ingredients for surgical solutions in unusual scenarios

Roham Moftakhar, Albert A. Sufianov,
İhsan Solaroğlu

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13:40-13:50Akio MoritaComplications of neurosurgery: how to reduce and prepare?Mohamed LabibOpen surgical approaches to the anterior petrous apex
13:50-14:00Vicent Quilis-QuesadaMicrosurgical anatomy and techniques applied to middle fossa and cavernous sinus neurosurgery.Zaid AljubooriUse of complex systems approach in the modeling of neurosurgical disease
14:00-14:10Pablo RubinoSurgical anatomy applied to AVMsMichael ChicoineThe frontal sinus craniotomy, and other novel approaches to the anterior fossa
14:10-14:20Amir SamiiSurgical Anatomy of the Auditory PathwayGökhan BozkurtThe surgery of the pineal and talamomesencephalic region tumors in sitting/semisitting position
14:20-14:30David HasanSurgical management of large orbital hemangiomasYoshihiro NatoriOrbital tumor surgery - anatomy and clinical application
14:30-14:40Rokuya TanikawaTranscavernous extension of the surgical field to basilar aneurysms.Phillip Cem CezayirliThe history of basal ganglia
14:40-14:50Kenan ArnautovicExperimental and clinical basis for preservation and improvement of altered vision in sellar lesionsVanessa MilaneseNeuroanatomy and connectomes in deep brain stimulation
14:50-15:00Peter VajkoczyNTMS-enhanced fiber tract analysis improves planning for surgery of brain stem lesionsAltay SencerFull endoscopic removal of third ventricle colloid cysts
15:00-15:10Guilherme RibasSulcal keypoints: anatomy oriented microneurosurgeryHitoshi FukudaCurrent application of skull base procedure for complex cerebrovascular surgery
15:10-15:20Miguel A ArraezMicrosurgery of mesencephalic tumors: A 360º approachPaulo KadriAnatomy of the limbic system
15:30-16:00Coffee Break

Advanced Tractography in Neurosurgery
Bruce Leggett

Moderators: Jeffrey Sorenson, Feres Chaddad-Netto, Nejat AkalanModerators: Takeo Goto, Walter Jean, Serhat Baydın
16:00-16:10Andreas Demetriades Abuzer GüngörMicrosurgical anatomy of supracerebellar approaches

Moderators: Lukas Rasulic, Carlo Serra, M. Sabri Gürbüz

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16:10-16:20Paul GardnerAnatomic limitations of endoscopic endonasal surgeryTakashi SugawaraTreatment strategy and surgical technique for tumor resection in and around the cavernous sinus
16:20-16:30Francesco DimecoUltrasound in neurosurgery, from intraoperative imaging to treatment.Gökmen KahiloğullarıEndoscopic endonasal anatomy of anterior fossa and surgical nuances
16:30-16:40Amir DehdashtiPosterior circulation revascularization for complex aneurysmsMurat Geyik5 patients diagnosed with galen vein aneurysm malformation 
16:40-16:50Hakan EmmezMicrosurgery for temporal lobe gliomasHüseyin Biçeroğlu3D-HDR Documented, stepwise dissected, MRI navigated microsurgical anatomy of human brain nuclei and fiber systems
16:50-17:00Muhammed Aziz SultanAVM embolizationEmrah EgemenAnatomical Challenges for Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy
17:00-17:10Niklaus KrayenbühlThe transtentorial amygdalahippocampectomy for mediobasal temporal lobe epilepsy  

24 August 2023 - Thursday

Moderators: Akio Morita, Paulo Kadri, Hakan Emmez Moderators: Kenan Arnautovic, Eduardo Ribas, Mustafa Berker
08:20-08:30 Hiroshi Abe Skull base anatomy for EC-IC bypassMaximiliano NunezBrainstem fibers and surgical implications

Moderators: David Hasan, Junichi Yamamoto, İbrahim Ziyal

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08:30-08:40Takeo GotoMicroanatomy of minimal anterior and posterior combined petrosal approach to large petroclival meningiomasNirav Patel AVM surgery without embolization for all grade Avm - safer techniques for cure.
08:40-08:50Wenya Linda BiUsing it all: multimodality approach for resection of deep seeded tumorsAndrew BauerUse of complex bypass techniques for aneurysm surgery
08:50-09:00Keki TurelMVD for TN with special emphasis on veins and transposition of arteriesAngela RichardsonA critical comparison of the midline  paramedic supracerebellar infratentorial approach to pineal region tumors
09:00-09:10Antonio Aversa do SoutoMicrosurgery of the invasive anterior fossa lesionsJaime Martinez Santos
Microsurgical resection of complex gliomas encasing cerebral arteries
09:10-09:20Murat GunelIntracranial aneurysm genetics: implications for clinical careRobert ShumkovskiThe anatomy of transnasal transsphenoidal approach to pituitary adenomas through the endoscope
09:20-09:30Michihiro KohnoSurgery for jugular foramen tumors using various surgical approaches.Hamad FarhatCerebral arteries. Angio /anatomy relationships
09:30-09:40George SamandourasPineal region anatomy and surgical techniquesOğuz BaranMicrosurgical anatomy of cerebellar peduncles
09:40-09:50Nikolai HopfTailored retrosigmoidal keyhole approaches - endoscopic anatomy and surgical strategy for different lesions of the CPAPablo Gonzalez-LopezThe interhemispheric contralateral transfalcine approach for cingulate lesions
09:50-10:00Savaş CeylanEndoscopic endonasal approaches to craniopharyngiomas : operative nuances and limitationsCarlo SerraThe thalamus: history, anatomy and surgery
10:00-10:10Aclan DoğanAnatomy and transcavernous approach to the region of the pontine and para-pontine spaceAkın AkakınCerebellum anatomy and fiber dissection ve posterior fossa superficial anatomy
10:10-10:20Sanford HsuSurgical strategies to paraclinoid aneurysmsAntonio Di IevaThe subdiaphragmatic cistern: historic, radioanatomic, and surgical findings.
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
Moderators: Imad N. Kanaan, Vicent Quilis-Quesada, Emel Avcı Moderators: Juan Fernandez-Miranda, Eduardo Carvalhal Ribas, Türker Kılıç
11:00-11:10Jeffrey N. BruceLateral suboccipital approach to pineal region tumorsMustafa BerkerPreventing and managing complications in endoscopic skull base surgery 

Moderators: Katsumi Takizawa, Robert Shumkovski, Oğuz Baran

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11:10-11:20Imad N. KanaanTuberculum sellae meningiomas, “does simplicity trumps complexity” ?Mateus NetoForamen magnum meningioma
11:20-11:30Luca RegliUnruptured aneurysms: strategies to minimize microsurgical traumaMehmet Erhan TürkoğluEndovascular treatment of ICA aneursym
11:30-11:40Juan Luis Gomez-AmadorBilateral multiple aneurysms treated through a unilateral approachSerhat Şevki BaydınNucleus accumbes and Its connections
11:40-11:50Manuel Joao Da Cunha E SaSurgical strategy in the treatment os intramedullary tumorsChristian BrognaIntegrating microneurosurgical and mapping strategies in brain tumors
11:50-12:00Baltazar Leao ReisParaclinoid aneurysms - pretemporal extradural transclinoidal approachİhsan Doğan Novel posterior transaxis approach-oriented microneurosurgical and endoscopic anatomy of CVJ 
12:00:12:10Jennifer Moliteiro GunelClinical correlations of the genomics of meningiomasKoray ÖzdumanExtension patterns of gliomas follow functional networks of the brain
12:00-12:20 Nejat Akalan Hemispherotomy for the treatment of catastrophic epilepsy syndromesYusuf İzciAnatomy and medicine in Hittites
12:20-12:30Q/A Q/A
12:30-13:30Lunch Break


Development of Wide View/High Resolution Operative Microscope MM77
Rokuya Tanikawa

Moderators: Pablo Rubino, Mateus Neto, Necmettin Tanrıöver
Moderators: Andreas Demetriades, Juan Luis Gomez-Amador, İlhan Aydın
13:30-13:40Nikolaos ForoglouTransnasal endoscopic approach to CVJ . How far we can go?Diego Mendez RositoAnatomic concepts in the management of complex skullbase tumors

Moderators: Angela Richardson, Jamie Martinez Santos, Yusuf İzci,

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13:40-13:50Şükrü ÇağlarMicrosurgical management of irradiated CPA tumorsErkin ÖzgirayMicrosurgical approach to distal anterior cerebral aneurysms (DACA aneurysms)
13:50-14:00Türker KılıçSuboccipital transtentorial approach to pineal region tumors: Microsurgical pearlsMehmet Sabri GürbüzExtradural anterior clinoidectomy: Step by step anatomical description
14:00-14:10Necmettin TanrıöverRhoton’s influence in Turkish NeurosurgeryFeridun AcarOutcomes and complications in STA MCA bypass surgery in stroke patients
14:10-14:20Eduardo Carvalhal RibasMicrosurgical anatomy of the central core of the brainZihni SanusThe Middle cranial fossa approach
14:20-14:30İhsan SolaroğluMaximal safe resection in glioma surgery: the “gold standardHasan Kocaeli
Microsurgery of very small ruptured anterior communicating artery aneurysms
14:30-14:40Lukas RasulicAnatomy of brachial plexus and peripheral nerve - surgical challenges and/orMelih Bozkurt
Different surgical approaches  to the various pathologies of the clivus
14:40-14:50Walter JeanThe Rhoton legacy in the metaverse eraSpyridon LafazanosCavernous sinus anatomy
14:50-15:00Jean Gonçalves de OliveiraMicroneurosurgery in the core of the management of brain AVMsFunda BatayComplications of the surgery for cavernomas
15:00-15:10Graham FieggenLumbosacral lipomaBaran BozkurtNeurocognitive anatomy of the frontal lobe: Cortical parcellations and subcortical connections
15:10-15:20Edi LeviOverview of Bergama (Pergamum) and Yağcıbedir rugsEmrah ÇeltikçiTransorbital neuroendoscopy for sphenoid wing meningiomas
15:20-:15:30Q/A Q/A
15:30-16:00Coffee Break
Moderators: Carolina Martins, Jean Gonçalves de Oliveira, Abuzer GüngörModerators: Amir Dehdashti, Andrew Grande, Hüseyin Biçeroğlu
16:00-16:10Albert A. SufianovExo-endoscopic treatment of craniopharyngiomasBurak Sade Anterior clinoidectomy - optic canal unroofing  (as surgical technique alone) or (within the concept of management of perioptic meningiomas) 

Moderators: Muhammed Aziz Sultan, Mohamed Labib, Baran Bozkurt

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16:10-16:20İbrahim ZiyalSurgical management of tuberculum sella meningiomasŞahin HanalioğluPatient-specific 3D virtual models for neurosurgical planning in complex vascular and tumor cases: A Practical way to optimal surgical approach and strategy selection
16:20-16:30Basant Misra Microsurgery for lesions of the 3rd Ventricle and my encounter with Prof. Rhoton Tevfik YılmazMicrosurgery of motor area AVMs
16:30-16:40Barış KüçükyürükMicrosurgical anatomy of fiber tracts related to hemispherotomy.Barış ÖzönerSurgical treatment of trochlear nerve schwannomas
16:40-16:50Nickalus KhanWhat is the current literature on revascularization for MoyaMoya Disease and Atherosclerotic Steno-Occlusive Disease in 2023? An updated systematic review and meta-analysis of the literature.Jamil RzaevMicrovascular decompression of cranial nerves: surgical anatomy and technique;
16:50-17:00Bin XuPressure measurements for bypass of moyamoyaEthem GöksuOptic nerve decompression; endoscopic endonasal and transcranial perspective
17:00-17:10Q/A Q/A

Dr. Radim Lipina
Benefits of robotic digital micro-neurosurgery with focus on semi-sitting procedures performed with Aesculap Aeos®