Invitation Letter

Dear Colleagues,

Rhoton’s mission is to make neurosurgical operations more accurate, gentle and safe by understanding the anatomy of human brain. With an understanding of the anatomy and a focus on research, the legacy of Rhoton has begun to arise. This legacy continues to flourish with improvements at the bridge connecting the two continents, the Bosphorus.. We will be grateful for this great legacy and its contributions to all of us by hosting the  3rd International Rhoton Society Meeting in İstanbul between 22-24th of August, 2023. 

The preliminary programme will begin with an Endoscopic Cadaveric Dissection Course with 3D demonstrations. Numerous educational lectures and events will be available during the meeting, covering the most recent advances in neurosurgery as well as how neuroanatomical knowledge is evolving. At the same time, we will learn from the masters how neuroanatomical knowledge is applied in neurosurgical approaches. 

We hereby sincerely invite you to this excellent meeting which is organized by Yeditepe University and Turkish Neurosurgical Society. We look forward to seeing you in İstanbul.

Sincerely yours,

Uğur Türe